The new quality standard in preanalytics

At sample collection S4DX offers two possibilities:
The stationary S4DX- Sample Check-In (including tube type verification and filling volume analysis) or the mobile S4DX-Satellite for bedside collection.

  • Digitally matching sample and order:
    Within one second you know if it is the correct barcode, the correct tube and the correct filling volume.
  • Resolve errors when patients are still present:
    If errors are detected (e.g. tube type mismatch or wrong barcodes), corrections can be made immediately.
  • Preanalytical Handling Guidance:
    Provided when you need it the most – S4DX guides you through preanalytics and makes sure that sensitive samples are treated correct.
  • Peace of Mind:
    With S4DX you know in real time that all preanalytical steps are done correctly.

We adapt to every lab-routine – no need to change any preanalytical process during collection, transport or lab arrival.

  • The SmartTube™ fits to all sample transport methods:
    It can be used with boxes, bags or pneumatic tube systems.
  • Digitally matching SmartTube™:
    Blood samples are virtually matched to SmartTube™, you know ahead of time how many samples will be sent to the lab.
  • Automatic timestamp of sample departure and arrival:
    S4DX automatically detects and integrates all relevant timestamps in the diagnostic process.
  • Temperature and shock recording during collection and transport:
    For each sample, the environmental temperature and possible shock events are recorded - already at the location of collection and during transport.
  • Digital human sample fingerprint:
    We aggregate all data in real-time to our unique digital human sample fingerprint – 100% automized, 100% secure and 100% individual for every human sample.
  • Easy to integrate:
    All data can be integrated with common protocol standards in any hospital/laboratory information management system and is visualized in detail on our web-based dashboard.
  • Predictive sample arrival:
    With us you are literally ahead of time. You know all about the quantity and quality of your samples before they arrive in the lab.
  • Data Analytics:
    Gain total tranparency about your preanalytical sample workflow and fullfill regulatory requirements. Data is statistically analyzed and your key performance indicators (KPI’s) are visualized in real-time.

S4DX offers a full value-chain for all stakeholders in the diagnostic process:

  • for Labs:
    up to

    Preanalytical error reduction: detect and fix sample errors directly after collection

    • Digitize your workflow:

      100 % end-to-end chain of custody for data for all human samples

    • Improve turnaround time:

      save time through efficient preanalytical processes

  • for Doctors and Patients:

    verifiable preanalytical data-quality to guarantee diagnostic excellence

  • for Auditors:

    automated and digital available sample quality files to comply with ISO 15189 standards

  • for Phlebotomists:

    preanalytical handling guidance when it’s needed the most, directly after sample collection

At the collection site, S4DX detects if tubes are labelled correct, if the individual tube fits to the order, if the order is complete (tubes missing or additional tubes collected), automatically sets the time for collection and measures the filling volume and detects centrifugation status

Want to have all the information at hand?

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are there any limitations on tubes to be processed by S4DX?

    No, S4DX can process all standard human blood sample containers (even pre-labelled) independent of the manufacturer.

  • Are there any limitations because of sample transport methods?

    No, S4DX adapts to every sample transport method in preanalytics; no matter if you use bags or boxes or pneumatic tube systems; no matter if you drive, walk, ride or fly your samples from collection to lab; with S4DX you do not have to change your processes.

  • Are there any limitations because of preanalytical sample handling methods in the lab?

    No, S4DX adapts to your lab routine. No matter if you process samples by hand (manually) or with bulk sorters and other machines. Our system is fully adaptable to all processes.

  • Are there any limitations on lab-hardware to be compatible with S4DX?

    No, S4DX operates with all lab hardware and all lab machines by using common interfaces.

  • Do I have to change my routine in sample collection?

    No, S4DX adapts to your individual sample collection routine. Just place each sample container immediately after collection for a second in our device.

  • How are transport conditions monitored?

    Transport conditions are monitored by the SmartTube™. The SmartTube™ continuously records environmental data (time, temperature and shock events) during storage and transport.

  • How is the SmartTube™ used in practice at the collection site?

    SmartTubes™ do not need to be activated (e.g. pushing a button). They are electronically recognized at the collection site by the S4DX Sample Check-In and are virtually linked to all samples that shall be sent to the lab.

  • How is the SmartTube™ used in practice at laboratory sample entry?

    SmartTubes™ do not need to be activated for data extraction, they are automatically recognized at sample entry by the S4DX gateway for data transmission.

  • Is the SmartTube™ reusable and hygienically safe?

    Yes. If used in a room-temperature range, SmartTubes™ will operate for around two years. SmartTubes™ can be disinfected by wipe-disinfection with commonly used disinfectants (incl. alcohol-/formalin-based disinfectants). Autoclavation is not possible.

  • Can the SmartTube™ be processed by a Bulk Sorter?

    Yes, the SmartTube™ has conventional blood tube dimensions and can be processed by standard bulk- or sample sorter. The SmartTube™ will be sorted out automatically.

  • Is the SmartTube™ connected with several collection sites?

    Yes, the SmartTube™ is only linked to the lab and not a single collection site. SmartTubes™ can travel free within all collection sites of your lab.

  • Can I use S4DX for outpatient and inpatient setting?

    Yes, S4DX is designed to be used in all settings of blood collection.

  • What are the main benefits for the collection site?

    - Automated timestamps – no manual timekeeping of collection or transport departure necessary
    - Full order verification – digitally matching sample containers with lab orders
    - Barcode verification – automatic investigation on machine readability of barcodes
    - Phlebotomist guidance - individual handling advice for samples directly after collection
    - Peace of mind – full assurance if orders are complete in quantity and quality

  • What are the main benefits with S4DX for the lab?

    - Perfect label quality – no incorrect or badly labelled tubes in the laboratory entry
    - Less reorders – permanent reduction of preanalytical errors up to 70 %
    - Predictive sample workflow - information ahead of time on quantity and quality of samples travelling to the lab
    - Audit ready data – on the individual sample in preanalytics, matching with ISO 15189 requirements

  • Which interface protocol do you use?

    We adapt to existing protocols, preferable REST-API. Interfaces between S4DX and the LIS are only set up once. After this, export and import will be standardized in routine. We prefer bi-directional interfaces for lab order verification. However, also uni-directional interfaces are possible.

  • Do I have to set up interfaces with collection sites?

    No, S4DX does not need any interface with collection sites.

  • Do I need a specific order entry system to use S4DX?

    No, S4DX does not need a specific order entry system or LIS.

  • Not all collection sites are connected to an order-entry system – does S4DX also operate without order-entry?

    Yes, S4DX can operate without any order-entry or LIS-interface. This limits full order verification, but all other functionality is still available.

  • How do you work with sample containers that are labelled with the patient's name?

    Only information about barcode and tube dimensions (colour/ shape etc) is captured and processed for every sample.

  • How is the patient identified when using S4DX?

    Only pseudonymized barcodes are used for identifying and mapping patients to an existing lab order. No personal information (name, age etc.) is processed in our system.