It is all about the quality of medical decisions

Smart4Diagnostics closes the preanalytical data gap between blood collection and lab analysis and enables a new quality standard for diagnostic decision making.

Two hands in purple gloves. The left hand holds a datalogger, so called SmartTube, the right hand holds a smartphone with the S4DX Satellite app open. In the background is equipment for collecting human blood samples.

We change preanalytics from trust-based into an evidence-based system

Our digital human sample fingerprint is a quantum leap forward for patient safety, preanalytical quality and lab turnaround time. We create a trustworthy basis for the personalized medicine of the future.

Data-Driven Preanalytics

More than 70% of all medical decisions are based on diagnostic results. While the medical lab is fully digitized, preanalytics didn’t see much change in the last 40 years. It remains a black box – for labs, medical doctors and patients.

S4DX creates a data-driven preanalytical ecosystem. From sample ordering until sample arrival S4DX collects all relevant data-points to completely monitor sample workflow. Thus, we can reduce preanalytical errors in real-time and improve the preanalytical workflow and medical quality at the same time.

Our solution fits to all sample containers, all methods of transport and all IT systems. We do not change preanalytical steps – we improve them.

  • Preanalytical sample monitoring for ISO 15189

    - Verify the correct patient, correct sample container and correct preanalytical handling
    - Document sample drawing time, transport temperature + vibration and sample age at lab arrival

  • Optimize work processes and reduce laboratory costs

    - Improve and document sample logistics
    - Automate sample receipt procedures
    - Minimize repeated measurements
    - Reduce training costs and smarten customer communication

  • Significantly reduce preanalytical errors

    - Avoid mistakes like “wrong patient”, “wrong blood in tube” and “missing material”

S4DX offers a full value-chain for all stakeholders in the diagnostic process:

  • for Labs:
    up to

    Preanalytical error reduction: detect and fix sample errors directly after collection

    • Digitize your workflow:

      100 % end-to-end chain of custody for data for all human samples

    • Improve turnaround time:

      save time through efficient preanalytical processes

  • for Doctors and Patients:

    verifiable preanalytical data-quality to guarantee diagnostic excellence

  • for Auditors:

    automated and digitally available sample quality files to comply with ISO 15189 standards

  • for Phlebotomists:

    preanalytical handling guidance when it’s needed the most, directly after sample collection

At the collection site, S4DX detects if tubes are labelled correct, verifies the correct patient, checks if tubes fit to the order, if the order is complete (tubes missing or additional tubes collected), automatically sets the time for collection and collects information on filling volume and other relevant sample parameters.