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It is all about the quality of medical decisions.


Smart4Diagnostics closes the data gap between blood collection and lab analysis and enables a new quality standard for diagnostic decision making. We change medical diagnostics from a trust-based system into an evidence-based system. Our digital human sample fingerprint is a quantum leap forward for patient safety, the quality of medical decisions and lab turnaround time. We create a trustworthy and verifiably basis for the personalized medicine of the future.


Our Motivation

Our idea was born in the lab and the hospital. We come from practice - over many years we have worked with human samples. In our daily work we have realized that human samples did not meet our quality requirements and did not correspond with the technical quality of laboratory analyzers. This has negative consequences for the patient. As a result thousands of medical doctors receive inappropriate lab results every day, leading to an high number of inappropriate medical treatments for patients. We want to change this - we want to make sure that patients receive safe medical results, which they can trust.

Quality of human blood sample measurements in the lab

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The Need

More than 70% of all medical decisions are based on diagnostic results. These results are mainly obtained from blood samples. What most people don’t know: blood samples are extremely sensitive to environmental conditions. Thus, the quality of human blood samples can deteriorate due to external factors during handling, transport and storage. As a result, laboratory results are technically correct but do no longer represent biologically the health status of the patient.

The Founders

We are a multidisciplinary team with strong business, laboratory, clinical and IT expertise.
All four founders have worked several years in hospital and industry:

Awards and Network


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, October 2018


Winner, best smartHealth Solution in Europe, EIT-Health WildCard Challenge, July 2018


Investors Choice, Firecamp Up2B, STARTUP Mannheim and Heidelberg Startup Partners, Feb 2018

Join us – Career

Smart people for Smart Solutions
Smart4Diagnostics has a proven record of excellence. Our industry partners are world-leaders in their field. We cooperate with outstanding universities and research organisations all around the globe. It is our philosophy to always work with the best. Thus, if you have set yourself the goal to create something unique, transform and disrupt medical industry and work with the smartest people and the best partners, Smart4Diagnostics is your sweet spot.