Our idea was born in the lab. We worked for many years with human samples. In our daily routine we realized that the quality of human samples in preanalytics remained a black box for us. We neither had automized nor standardized data to correspond with the technical quality of our laboratory analyzers. Thus, we decided this needs to change - for reliable diagnostics for labs, medical doctors and patients.

photo by Roche/Kern

The company

At S4DX we work together as a team of Software Developers, Molecular Biologists, Hardware Engineers, Physicists, Bio-Statisticians and many others to create a unique solution for preanalytics. Our diversity in academia, nationalities and experience creates solutions where others see only barriers.

The goal

Our goal is to enable a new quality standard for medical diagnostics and provide a full data-chain of custody for every human blood sample. Starting at the point of collection and directly integrating in the workflow of the lab.

Company story

The need was realized in daily routine and idea was created by the four-founders
Company registered
Investors Choice Award, Firecamp Up2B, STARTUP Mannheim and Heidelberg Startup Partners
Winning Startup at Techfest/ Hackathon TU Munich
Winner, best eHealth Solution in Europe, EIT-Health WildCard Challenge
WHO World Health Summit Finalist; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Invited to the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting
PlugNPlay Startup Creasphere "Digital Health Accelerator" Batch One Graduate
ACI Boston – accepted into the EIT Health Gold-Track Programme
Winner Digital Health Summit Munich 2019
S4DX moves into new offices in München-Obersendling
Accepted into EU-EIC Accelerator as 3rd most innovative small-medium company in Europe (from 1852 applicants)
First customers in our Early Adopter Programme
Company graduates after being elected three consecutive times into the Gold-Track Programme
S4DX is ISO 9001 quality certified
S4DX is accepted into the German Accelerator Life Sciences US
S4DX closes Series-A investment round and starts collaborating with Sarstedt as strategic partner
S4DX is named "Innovator of the year" in Digital Healthcare by the Handelsblatt and the FAU.
S4DX is ISO 27001 certified for its information security management systems
S4DX Satellite App is launched globally on the Roche Cobas Pulse.
FCC market clearance for US
S4DX is awarded by EIT as one of the top three ventures in Europe
ANATEL certification for Brazilian market access.
S4DX solution is active in eight European countries

Management Team

We promote the power of individuals in our team and together we make the impossible of today possible - we shape the future of precision medicine and always focus on doing our best for patient`s care

  • CSO
    Dr. sc. nat.
    Yannick Timo Böge
    Dr. sc. nat.
    Yannick Timo Böge

    PhD in Molecular Biology at the University Hospital in Zürich. Worked as Head of a Clinical Research Laboratory in Germany for international IVD- and MD clinical and technical studies; providing an excellent scientific and regulatory as well as customer understanding of the laboratory market.

  • CTO + CFO
    Dr. rer. nat. MBA
    Julia Flötotto
    CTO + CFO
    Dr. rer. nat. MBA
    Julia Flötotto

    PhD in Computer Science, MBA in Entrepreneurship; experience of more than 15 years in agile software development and leading software developers. First-hand start-up knowledge, coordinating all financial and entrepreneurial aspects.

  • CEO
    Dr. phil. MBA
    Hans Maria Heyn
    Dr. phil. MBA
    Hans Maria Heyn

    PhD in Governance, MBA in Change-Management and M.Sc. in IVD- and MD regulatory affairs; worked more than ten years for a leading German Think Tank and headed the strategy development of a clinical research organisation. Responsible for business development and sales & marketing.

Board Member

  • Head of Board
    Chair of the Board
    Dr. Constanze Ulmer-Eilfort
    Head of Board
    Chair of the Board
    Dr. Constanze Ulmer-Eilfort

    Constanze Ulmer-Eilfort is an attorney-at-law, admitted in Germany and New York, specializing on intellectual property, with a strong focus on the Life Sciences industry, advising biotech and pharmaceutical companies on collaboration and licensing agreements. She has been a partner with Baker McKenzie for 30 years, and was Managing Partner of the German and Austrian offices from 2012 to 2017 and member of the Global Executive Committee from 2017 to 2021. She was Chair of the Global Policy Committee, Chair of the Global Financial Committee and Chair of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and Chair of the EMEA Region. Constanze Ulmer-Eilfort is living in Munich and Rome.

  • Dr. Kurt Hoeller
    Dr. Kurt Hoeller

    Director of Business creation and member of the Executive Team of EIT Health, Kurt is also leading the Health accelerator, and acting as Co-Managing Director of EIT Health Services and Investment GmbH. Previously, Kurt has founded and directed the Central Institute of Healthcare Engineering at FAU, as well as several spin-offs and companies, being currently vice-chairman of the supervisory board of ESTW AG, a company with nearly € 200M revenue and 500+ employees. Kurt holds a Doctorate from FAU involving TU Munich and Johns Hopkins University, USA, and an MBA from THD involving Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley.

  • Dr. Ursula Redeker
    Dr. Ursula Redeker

    Dr. Ursula Redeker is former Spokesperson of the Executive Board of Roche Diagnostics GmbH and former Managing Director of Roche Deutschland Holding GmbH. Senior executive in pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry with more than 25 years of experience (biotech and global corporations) and more than 15 years in senior leadership roles. Strong strategic leader with track record in leading continuous change and successful focus on finding and developing best talent

  • Rainer Schuster
    Rainer Schuster

    Member of the Executive Board Sales / R&D SARSTEDT AG & CO. KG

  • Dr. Valentin Piëch
    Dr. Valentin Piëch

    Valentin Piëch is a Managing Director at Zurich based life sciences venture capital firm VP Venture Partners and has a background in venture capital, science, and technology. Prior to founding VP Venture Partners, he was Investment Director at the VC firm BioMedPartners, and previously worked at Nextech Invest, a VC focusing on oncology. In addition, he is a private investor in a number of startup and growth companies. Valentin holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the Rockefeller University, a Master degree in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University and a Master Degree in Mechanical and Process Engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH).

  • European Investment Bank

Company Values & Quality Policy

Our success is based on our shared values and goals. In our daily work, we are guided by fairness, honesty, and mutual trust. Satisfied customers, motivated employees and doing good for the society and environment is no contradiction for us.

The outstanding performance of Smart4Diagnostics is only possible as a team. As an employer, we offer excellent job security and payment above start-up average. Through innovative training measures, we promote the personal and professional competence of all employees.

We expect our management to be role models in every aspect. Communication between management and employees is always characterized by courtesy, respect, and trust.

Social responsibility is part of our DNA. We are an inclusive start-up not only in words but in our daily work. We stand for a sustainable economy, live equal rights and reject discrimination, no matter what kind. We are convinced that great people form a great company.


Smart4Diagnostics GmbH is an agile startup company. We work closely with our customers, development partners and suppliers throughout the development and product lifecycle. This enables us to quickly implement new concepts and product requirements – designs, prototypes and production parts – in a customer-centric manner.

Smart4Diagnostics’ product solution for preanalytical sample monitoring consists of software and hardware components that enable the customer to ensure complete tracking of human samples from timepoint and location of sample collection until laboratory arrival.  We are creating a fully automatic and integrated audit-trail for quality assurance purpose of every individual human sample. The goal is to optimize processes and increase efficiency in preanalytics and the laboratory and reducing efforts for manual sample handling and costs at the same time.

With its core competencies and structure, Smart4Diagnostics is the ideal partner for every laboratory to bring the preanalytical sample workflow from trust to evidence.

We think and act according to the zero-defect principle: We develop quality right from the start and take information security and data protection into account comprehensively and permanently. All employees of the company are aware that the areas of confidentiality, integrity and availability in the company are essential components of their work. Each employee bears responsibility and does not accept incorrect entries. Own mistakes are consistently avoided in order to deliver our products and services to our customers error-free and at the desired time. Deviations are analyzed and permanently eliminated with a view to the cause. For this we use the common problem-solving techniques. This ensures continuous improvement of our processes and products. To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our procedures and business processes, they are audited at regular intervals.

The responsibility for the fulfillment of these guidelines lies with the management, which promotes the personal commitment of all employees to consider quality, information security and data protection as part of their abilities.

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