The Need

More than 70% of all medical decisions are based on diagnostic results. These results are mainly obtained from blood samples. What most people don’t know: blood samples are extremely sensitive to environmental conditions. Thus, the quality of human blood samples can deteriorate due to external factors during handling, transport and storage. As a result, laboratory results are technically correct but do no longer represent biologically the health status of the patient.
International scientific studies have shown that at least 4,7 % of all human samples deteriorate undetected so much in quality between patient and lab that these blood samples at the time of analysis do not correspond with the patient anymore. In addition up to 25 % of all human blood samples deteriorate undetected in quality with possible effects on the biological correctness of the analytical measurement outcome. Today these changes can’t be detected due to incomplete and analogue sample monitoring. We change this.

Smart4Diagnostics Success Chain

Human Sample Error Detection
Evidence Based System for Medical Diagnostics
Improved Medical Treatment for Patients
Reduced Costs for the Healthcare System

Benefits for Patients – Healthcare Professionals and Labs

Smart4Diagnostics achieves benefits for all parties involved:

  • Patients receive trustworthy diagnostic results that provide a sound basis for their individual medical treatment
  • Medical Doctors and Healthcare Professionals receive a reliable decision making basis and with our traceable data-flow in real time, their workload and costs are reduced
  • Laboratories improve their efficiency and lab-turnaround time and reduce manual bottle necks and troubleshooting

Our Solution

Smart4Diagnostics provides a real time monitoring solution for medical diagnostics. Our solution based on cutting-edge technology enables a digital process monitoring and quality assurance in real-time from the time point of blood collection at the doctor's office until sample arrival in the lab. We connect and aggregate all relevant data on the quality of human samples and produce an individual human sample fingerprint.

Our Vision: Enabling Precision Medicine

We are convinced that precision medicine will change our understanding of healthcare in the near future. To personalize medicine for patients, we need to make sure that labs result are biologically reliable. This is what Smart4Diagnostics is working on every day: smart. safe. samples - for you and for every other patient.